1. Work That Body / Jump For Joy (Frico Edits) - Replay Records RR 023

  2. Hard Times / Oh Yeah (Frico Edits) - Replay Records RR 022

  3. Keep Your Body Workin' / The Final Thing (Frico Edits) - Replay Records RR 021

  4. I Wanna Feel Your Love / Hang Tight (Frico Edits) - Replay Records RR-020

  5. Rock With You (DJ Friction Extended Disco Mix) new improved mix 2016

  6. Big Apple Rappin' / Rapper's Convention (Frico Edits) Replay Records RR 019

  7. Freakin' Time / Keep On Smilin' (Frico Edits) Replay Records RR 018

  8. Make Up Your Mind / Touch Your Life (Frico Edits) Replay Records 017

  9. When Will The Day Come / Hot Butterfly (Frico Edits) Replay Records RR016

  10. Watching You / Is It In? (Frico Edits) Replay Records RR 015

  11. The Italian Chop EP (Replay Records RR 014)

  12. I've Been Watching You (Frico Edit)

  13. I'll Do My Best (Frico Edit)

  14. I Owe You One (Frico Edit)

  15. I Want You (Frico Edit)

  16. I Need You Now (Frico Edit)

  17. Slave To The Rhythm DJ Friction Remix

  18. I Love You Dancer / I've Waited Much Too Long (Frico Edits) Replay Records RR-013

  19. Check Out This Groove / Stop Ou Encore (Frico Edits) Replay Records RR-012

  20. Computer Game (Frico Edit) / Action 78 (Frico Edit) Replay Records RR 011

  21. Don't Stop The Music / Something's Gotta Give (Frico Edits) Replay Records RR 010

  22. It's Alright / Dancer (Frico Edits) Replay Records RR 009

  23. Is It all Over My Face / Together Forever (Frico Edits) Replay RR 008

  24. Disco Nights / Groovin You (Frico Edits) Replay 007

  25. The Lost Beats Album

  26. Can't Shake Your Love (Frico Edit)

  27. Peg (dj friction re-edit)

  28. keep in touch (friction re-edit)


DJ Friction Germany

DJ Friction - DJ - producer - remixer from Germany. Started mixing and collecting records in 1985. Producing since 1991. Member of chart topping german Hip Hop band Freundeskreis.
Runs his Re-edit Label Replay Records since 2003

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